Want Your Own Custom Clips?

Are you interested in your own custom clips? It’s easy! 


Commonly Asked Questions about Custom Clips:

Do You Offer XYZ Fetish?

I offer dozens upon dozens of fetish categories, too many to list here. However, there are several categories that I do not cater to or specific words that I will not use in My clips. If you have never seen Me participate in a certain fetish, then please send Me an email before ordering a custom. That way, I can confirm or deny your custom, and we can move forward with ordering!

Do You Offer Custom Clips Involving Nudity?

All videos are non-nude. At this time, I do NOT offer any clips involving nudity of any kind. Currently, I have zero plans to change this.

How Long Until I Get My Video?

My typical turn around time is between three weeks and one month. Please do not send message after message, inquiring about the status of your clip. Because I prefer to go through IWantClips, your order will expire after one month, returning all money back to your account. This means you will never have to wait longer than one month before receiving your custom!

Can You Wear a Specific Outfit/Makeup/Nail Color?

Of course! However, please be aware that specific wardrobe requests require an additional fee. Items like nails may require extra. This is due to the cost and time of having them done according to your wishes, and the cost and time of returning them to normal. If you request a very specific prop that I do not own, you can send a gift-card to cover the cost of said item, and I will happily use it in your clip.

Will You Resell My Custom?

Most likely, yes. However, if your custom clip is too niche to be resold, or you want your custom clip to be Your Eyes Only, you will be asked to pay an Exclusivity fee. If you pay the Exclusive Fee, it will not be resold. Otherwise, it will be resold and others will be.

Can You Film a Mesmerize/Hypnosis Clip With Special or Audio Effects?

My starting rates are for standard clips. Special visual effects take extra work. And audio effects take even longer (on average, three times the workload). Therefore, you can certainly order a full-effect hypnosis clip, but expect to pay double or triple the standard rate cost.

Can I Sell or Upload My Custom to Other Sites?

No. Ordering a custom does not mean you will obtain the copyright to that clip. Which means reselling or uploading it for anyone else to see is strictly illegal. Not only will you be banned from My content, but you will be banned from any website that you order the clip from. Piracy is bad, folks. Don’t do it!

Why Do You Prefer to Go Through IWantCustomClips?

I’m so glad you asked! Currently, I prefer working through IWantCustom clips, both for your satisfaction and mine. When you order through IWC, I don’t receive the money right away. In fact, the money goes straight into an Escrow account. I don’t see a penny until your custom clips are in your hands. If, for some reason, I cannot film your clip during the designated time… Then your money will automatically be returned to you! Going through IWCC also protects Me. It means I don’t have to request a copy of your ID to ensure you meet the proper age requirements, and your privacy stays intact! 


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send an email to: