Wishlists and Gifts

I am your greedy Findom Princess. And you? You exist to serve. You exist to please. You would do anything to watch a smile of pleasure curve My beautiful lips – and you know that gifts are a beautiful way to show your gratitude and devotion.

You love the way your money looks, held between My pretty fingers. That cold, beautiful cash, as green as My eyes and just as powerful. You can’t get enough, can you? Every time you send a tribute or send a new gift, you feel exhilarated. It’s thrilling, isn’t it? Realizing how weak you are for Me. Realizing that nothing can compare to the rush of sacrificing for Me.

Sacrificing for Me has become your life now. I am your findom Princess and I deserve everything that I want. And you shall give it to Me! Money. Presents. Gifts galore!

Because every day is a new chance to make Me happy.

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