Slave Rules

Code of the Faithful

I expect each of My pets and devotees to follow these simple rules. While some pets may be given additional guidelines, these are the basic rules that I expect all of My submissives to follow. Those who break rules will be subject to penalties including corporal punishment, fines, and being cast out from My presence forever by being Blocked.

  1. Worship. I am your True Goddess. You exist only to serve Me, to please Me, to adore Me. This is your religion.
  2. Reverence. You will address Me as Goddess Paige or Goddess at all times, never Mistress or Ma’am.
  3. Devotion. I am your world. No one else comes before Me. No other interests come before Me. No other desires come before Me.
  4. Respect. You will always speak with the utmost respect and conduct yourself in a gracious manner, whether it is to Me or to any other superior females. I do not tolerate rudeness in My pets. You are a reflection of your Goddess, and you will conduct yourself accordingly.
  5. Obedience. You will complete all assignments and tasks in a timely manner (within 24 hours, unless stated otherwise) and without complaint.
  6. Restraint. I know you’re a dirty pervert. But your cock is now My property. Which means the only time you may stroke or cum is when I have given you permission. When permission is given, you still must Pay for your pleasure. No exceptions.
  7. Transparency. I demand complete honesty from all of My slaves
  8. Sacrifice. My time is NOT free. You will serve, and you will pay for that privilege. This means tributes, gifts, and buying every clip you afford.
  9. Exaltation. You will do everything in your power to spread My word and praises at any opportunity, whether it involves retweets, reblogging, rating, reviewing, making gifs etc, as well as inform Me of stolen content.


Slave Application