So You Wish to Serve?

You’ve been binging on videos, desperate to feel the joy of My sweetly cruel voice, soaking in My beauty as if it were sunlight against your skin. Submission has never felt so good or tasted so sweet. It started with simple curiosity, but then it grew – blooming into something stronger. A need. A hunger. The most exquisite addiction you’ve ever had.

It’s time to stop fantasizing, pet. It’s time to take the next step. It’s time to truly surrender to Me. But I warn you now – the path of submission is not for the faint of heart. It will not be easy. But nothing worth doing ever is.

I will tear down the barriers of your soul, exposing your flaws and strengths in greater detail than you’ve ever dreamed. I will destroy you – and then I will build you up again. Stronger, better than ever. Transformed into the perfect Pet – happy, devoted, and completely weak for Me.


  1. Answer all questions honestly and thoroughly. I warn you now – broke bitches need not apply. If you wish to Serve, you must be willing to sacrifice in many ways, including financially. Zero exceptions.
  2. If I feel that you could be suitable, you will undergo a trial period as a Pet-in-Training. I will give tasks and assignments tailored to each individual person, designed to explore your weaknesses, enhance your addictions, and prove your devotion.
  3. During this trial period, you will strive to impress Me. You will work harder than you ever have in your life. You will worship. You will obey. And, of course, you will pay. If you disobey or disappoint, you run the risk of severe punishment or outright expulsion from the ranks of My pets.
  4. Should you pass the trial period, you will be accepted as My Official Pet! A rank of honor, a title to be proud of. The assignments will continue, and every day shall be dedicated to serving Me, and transforming yourself into a worthy reflection of Me.


If you still wish to Serve, proceed to the Slave Rules.